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How The Cruise Industry Is Charting Course To A Cleaner Fuel Future With LNG

Blog Article - June 19, 2020


The advent of IMO2020 heralded the start of a new era in cleaner marine fuels, one designed to reduce the cruise and wider shipping industry’s environmental impact, driving it away from the widespread use of heavy fuel oils.

However, with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) target to reduce GHG emissions by 50% by 2050, twinned with the need for ECA Zone compliance, the cruise industry identified the need for a longer-term fuel solution for its new vessels and saw it in LNG. A fuel alternative that is safe, sustainable and proven.

Early-adopters Carnival led the way, their first LNG powered vessel – the AIDAnova – making her maiden voyage from Germany in December 2018. Carnival has more LNG-powered cruise ships on order, with other shipowners adopting LNG-power including Royal Caribbean International, Disney, and MSC Cruises. The international order book shows more than 20 LNG powered cruise ships for delivery through to 2027 (Pre-Covid).

In the latest edition of Seatrade Cruise Magazine, Xavier Pfeuty, General Manager for LNG bunkering activities at Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS) - looks at how the cruise industry has moved early to embrace the benefits of LNG and how our significant investment in the LNG infrastructure and supply chain will support the growing move to LNG-powered vessels in the future.

This investment means that, by 2022, TMFGS will have aligned LNG bunkering services in Northern Europe, Singapore and Marseille including the World’s largest LNG bunkering vessel.


Xavier Pfeuty, LNG Bunkering General Manager of Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions
Xavier Pfeuty , LNG Bunkering General Manager of Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions


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