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Shipping is decarbonizing and we are supporting the drive for cleaner and lower-carbon marine fuel solutions to reduce vessels’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with biofuels.

TotalEnergies is working globally to promote biofuels as a sustainable alternative and supplement to conventional fossil fuels.

Benefits of Using Marine Biofuels

An immediate and available solution to start decarbonizing. The biomaterial can reach up to 90% CO2 abatement.

Biofuels can be dropped in or blended with diesel or fuel oil without technological developments on the vessels.


Today, we have successfully supplied biofuels in Singapore and ARA bunkering hubs to different shipping segments.

Our biofuel products are certified under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system, which provides the assurance of high traceability and sustainability standards across the entire supply chain, from the feedstock to the customer’s vessel.

With our established supply and operations network, we enable bespoke reliable and competitive biofuels offers with our customers according to their CO2 reduction target.

Developing Advanced Biofuels

Developing Advanced Biofuels

Our biofuel offers are based on RED compliant feedstock according to Annex IX part A and B.

As part of TotalEnergies’ strategy to achieve our ambition of becoming a leader in biofuels adapted to the Shipping industry, the Company is actively working on all biomass conversion solutions. These initiatives reinforce TotalEnergies’ climate ambition to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 together with society. 

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