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Innovation and R&D


The changing landscape towards more stringent environmental standards and regulations means new challenges on the quality and performance of our marine fuels. We at TotalEnergies Marine Fuels are ready and equipped to provide innovative and high-quality products for the marine industry.


Our Research and Technical teams work in the Centre de Recherche de Solaize (CReS), based near Lyon, France, and in the Research Center in Le Havre. Backed by years of knowledge in the formulation of fuels and lubricants, our researchers work closely with the Refining, Trading and Marketing divisions of TotalEnergies​ to anticipate any specification changes while honing our expertise in fuel blendstocks and fuel blending.


Our highly skilled team of experts have been developing programs to deep-dive into the suitability and reliability of various formulations, and their skills enable them to deliver high-quality expertise to our customers. They are also members of several international technical committees and standardisation organisations, including ISO, CEN and CIMAC.

Showroom in Solaize Research Center (Centre de Recherche Solaize)

TotalEnergies​ Research Center in Solaize

Find out how 250 researchers work daily on innovations for petroleum products to revitalize energy transition and eco-responsibility.

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