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TotalEnergies​ has always been closely involved in the whole natural gas and LNG supply chain, from extraction, transportation, liquefaction and shipping, to regasification, marketing and trading. Our balanced international footprint and recognised expertise across the entire LNG value chain has made us a global leader in LNG in the world.

LNG is becoming an increasingly important component in a world gas market defined by booming demand and boosted by abundant and well-spread reserves over the world. Global LNG bunkering demand is projected to rise from 0.4MT per annum (2017) to 10MT in 2025, which is why TotalEnergies​ is investing massively to boost our global presence. In particular, we put a strong emphasis on liquefied gas in our strategy. This offers greater security of supply and flexibility for importing nations because it can be shipped long distances economically.

Our Global Presence –TotalEnergies​ is present in all global markets through our stakes in liquefaction and regasification plants located all over the world. With an overall LNG portfolio of around 40 Mtpa by 2020 and a worldwide market share of 10%, TotalEnergies is today the 2nd largest private global LNG player.


LNG is easily accessible and an abundant energy source. Its calorific value is 15% to 20% higher than conventional fuels making LNG an economically viable combustible fuel.

Stringent environmental IMO regulations coupled with LNG’s significant advantages in terms of availability, technological maturity, affordability, and environmental efficiency will boost LNG use as marine fuel over the coming years.

Other Advantages

According to an independent study report commissioned by SEA\LNG and SGMF and published in April 2019, LNG generates almost zero sulfur and particulate emissions and contributes to a reduction of up to 23% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions Well-to-Wake (WtW) when compared to current, conventional, oil-based marine fuels.

LNG Volume reduction

LNG is natural gas that has been cooled down at -163°C to liquid form, reducing the volume by around 625 times compared to its gas state. This makes it easy and safe to transport and store.



As one of the first movers in the supply of marine LNG, TotalEnergies has actively invested in LNG bunkering infrastructure in key ports, to serve our customers that have chosen LNG as the cleaner fuel choice. Our goal is to extend our LNG supply chain across major global bunkering hubs.

Following 3 years of planning and collaboration with our partners, our first LNG bunker vessel – the 18,600m3-capacity Gas Agility – has been in operations, in Rotterdam, since November 2020. In January 2022, we launched our 2nd chartered LNG bunker vessel, the Gas Vitality, into operations in Marseille, France.

A 3rd LNG bunker vessel, the Brassavola, will serve our commercial LNG bunkering operations at the Port of Singapore, where we operate under our LNG bunker supplier license, awarded by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. 

These assets, with high capacity and flexible operating parameters, are designed to serve a wide variety of vessels of all sizes - enabling us to develop tailor-made solutions for different shipping segments.

True to our goal, we are also actively exploring opportunities to develop LNG bunkering hubs in other key ports.


TotalEnergies Marine Fuelsis a member of the boards of SEA/LNG and SGMF (Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel) and actively contributes to the development of industry standards in order to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint and develop tailor-made solutions to make ships even more environmentally friendly.