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13/12/2014 News

Our Brunsbüttel bunkerstation's offer is ready for the 2015 ECA regulations

Since the beginning of November TOTAL Marine Fuels in Germany is offering a new quality DMA gasoil grade (density max 0.890, sulfur max 0.1%) in addition to the traditional DMA gasoil grade (dens. max 860, sulfur max 0,1%) which it has been supplying for several years from its bunker installation inside the Kiel-Canal. Thorsten Hesse, Manager Sales and Supply is confident that this grade will be of interest to many of our customers having to switch from the LS IFO when the new sulfur regulations come into force at the start of 2015. Both qualities can be delivered ex-pipe from 15 t up to a few hundred tons.

This offer compliments the strategy to also offer a low sulfur heavy fuel which is suitable for ships equipped with scrubbers. Thorsten added that increasingly he is seeing more and more ships using such technology especially in the area of Brunsbüttel, which is conveniently located in the middle of the ECA region. The quality offered will include both IFO 180 and IFO 380 with a consistent sulfur content of abt. 1,3%, an essential consideration in the optimization of the scrubber design.

Furthermore the flexibility of the Brunsbüttel facility permits Total Marine Fuels to offer tailor-made solutions from 1,0% to 3,5 % sulfur.
All these ISO 8217 (E2010) products can be supplied by our barges in the ports of Hamburg, Stade, Brunsbüttel and up to Kiel. Finally for vessels using high sulfur fuel with abatement technology or navigating outside the ECA regions the high sulfur grades historically supplied will continue to be available.

Thorsten confirms that the aim of Total Marine Fuels Germany is to be viewed by our customers as a multi-energy supplier providing bunkering solutions, initially based on Fuel Oil and Gasoil and in the future on LNG and other alternatives.

For further questions please contact;

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