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Safeguarding our Environment Together

Blog Article - September 11, 2020


The importance of helping safeguard the World’s natural environment has never been more prevalent globally than it is today.

Frédéric MEYER, Strategy and Projects Director at TMFGS, looks at how environmental considerations are increasingly impacting the shipping industry and what Total is doing to make a difference.



Environmental protection is certainly the key driver shaping the shipping industry. IMO2020 heralded the start of a new era towards cleaner marine fuels. Now, IMO 2030 and 2050 are placing even greater Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions reductions targets on the industry.

It’s a responsibility at TMFGS that we take seriously. As an organization we want to be driving and setting the standards rather than simply adhering to them.

To help achieve this we recognize the importance of continual innovation, communication and collaboration.

That’s why we have recently announced our membership and active participation in two leading global initiatives designed to address key environmental issues:


Getting to Zero Coalition -

Coalition for the Energy of the Future -


The Getting to Zero Coalition’s ambition is to help achieve the target set by the International Maritime Organisation to reduce Greenhouse Gases emissions from shipping by at least 50% by 2050 - compared to 2008 levels. To that extent, the Coalition is aiming, through its members, at getting commercially viable deep-sea zero-emission vessels powered by zero-emission fuels into operation by 2030.

Fists together

Through the Coalition for the Energy of the Future, we are one of 11 global organisations that have come together to accelerate the development of sustainable energy sources and technologies to address mobility in the transport and logistics industry. Critical to this are the goals of reducing emissions, fighting global warming and protecting biodiversity.

The solutions to these global, environmental challenges lie in the sharing of expertise, knowledge and resources, geared towards achieving a common goal.

The 11 existing members of the Coalition of the Energy for the Future are reflective of this. Together we are pooling expertise in pursuit of three key goals to achieve genuine technological breakthroughs with tangible results by 2030:

  • Unlock a more extensive portfolio of clean energy sources,
  • Lower energy consumption per kilometer-equivalent of goods transported
  • Eliminate a substantial proportion of emissions linked to transport and logistics.

Since its launch, nine projects have already been set up towards these goals.

At Total we are committed to making a difference and believe the solutions to some of key environmental challenges ahead lie in collaborations and initiatives like these.

Projects that can truly drive innovation; creating shared solutions for today and tomorrow.

Frédéric Meyer
Frédéric Meyer , Strategy and Projects Director of Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions


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